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Root = Approx. hg: Q-M3,Q1a3a1 (ISOGG: Q1a3a1) M3, L341.2 [Back to the roots]
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Q1a3a1a M19
Q1a3a1b M194
Q1a3a1c M199, P106, P292
Approx. hg: Q1a3a PAGES00104, PAGES00126
Approx. hg: Q1a3a PAGES00131
Approx. hg: Q-M3 L663
Approx. hg: Q-M3 SA01
Approx. hg: Q-M3 L766, L767
Approx. hg: Q-M3,Aprrox. hg: Q L883, L884, L885, L886, L887, CTS748
Approx. hg: Q-M3 L888, L889, L890, L891
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Approx. Q-M3,Approx. hg: Q-M3,Aprrox. hg: Q Z769, Z770, Z771, Z772, Z773, Z774, CTS10359, Z775
Approx. hg: Q-M3 Z776
Aprrox. hg: E and Q CTS3459

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