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Root = Approx. hg: E-M78,Approx. hg: E-V13,E1b1b1a2,Approx. hg: E-V13 (ISOGG: E1b1b1a1b,E1b1b1a1b) V13, V36, L142.1, L542, L1024, PAGES00102, Z1896 [Back to the roots]
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E1b1b1a2a (ISOGG: E1b1b1a1b1) V27
E1b1b1a2b (ISOGG: E1b1b1a1b2) P65_1, P65_2, P65_3
E1b1b1a2c (ISOGG: E1b1b1a1b3) L17
E1b1b1a2d (ISOGG: E1b1b1a1b4) L143
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E1b1b1a2e (ISOGG: E1b1b1a1b5) M35.2
(ISOGG: E (Priv)) L99
Approx. hg: E-V13* (ISOGG: E1b1b1a1b6) L241
Approx. hg: E-V13 (ISOGG: E1b1b1a1b8) L540
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Approx. hg: E-V13 (ISOGG: E (Inv)) L930, L931
Approx. hg: E-V13* (ISOGG: E1b1b1a1b7) L250.1, L251.1, L252
Approx. hg E-V13 (ISOGG: E (Inv)) L1019, L1020

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