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Root = Approx. hg: Q-M3,Aprrox. hg: Q Z780, CTS1780, CTS2730 [Back to the roots]
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Q1a3a2 L191
Approx. hg: Q-L53 (ISOGG: Q (Inv)) L400, L401
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Approx. hg: Q-L53,Approx. hg: Q-L53 (ISOGG: Q1a3a4) L568, L569, L570, L571
Approx. hg: Q-L569 L567
Approx. hg: Q-L569 L619.1
Approx. Q-L53,Approx. Q-L54 Z777, Z778, Z779, Z781, Z782, Z783, Z784, CTS3359, Z785, CTS3461, Z786, Z787, Z788, Z789, Z790, Z791, Z792, Z793, Z794, Z795

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